The little Mouse


The Little Mouse

One day a little mouse was crawling through the grass at 3:00. Then he finds his best friends playing together so he went over there to join them. His friends were lion, turtle, rabbit and monkey.

While the little mouse was playing with his friends, some other kids walked by and began making fun of the little mouse. The mouse always took it so seriously but his best friends always cheered him up.

Later on, the little mouse went back home. When he got home he thought about getting bigger. The litle mouse wanted to get bigger so bad, so no body made fun of him. But then he thought about it and thought in his mind that why he should listen to the kids who make fun of him and then when he finished thinking he went to bed.

The next day a couple of kids came by the little mouse making jokes about him, but he ignored them and ran to his friends and they started to play a couple of games. Then another crowd of kids went by and made fun of him too. but he didn't care and just ignored him. As the day wnet by, a couple of groups of kids made fun of him but he didn't care then when he was going home he felt a lot better and then went to bed.

The next day nobody made fun of him because they knew that by making fun of the mouse it didn't bother him and then nobody was mean to him again!